Are Lip Oils the New Lip Gloss?

Are Lip Oils the New Lip Gloss?
Joseph Molines

Lip gloss might be the obvious pick when you’re attempting to get a glossy lip. I mean, the adjective literally points to the product that won us (and every pop princess) over in the early aughts. But besides its understood dominance over the glossy lip category, it’s not the only way to get the look. I’m never gonna hate on my favorite mauve-y pink from MAC, but lip oils are having a moment. 

While they do a damn good job at giving you just a hint of sheen with zero color, brands are working a touch of pigment into the oil formula, too. So whether you're just interested in topping off your lips with some nourishment and shine before leaving the house, fulfilling the no-makeup lover's dream, or want to play up the red lip in a new way, this genre has got you covered. Check out a few I've got my eyes on below. 

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