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The 5 Beauty Products Lily Collins Swears By

The 5 Beauty Products Lily Collins Swears By

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The actress and Lancôme spokeswoman loves a bold brow, hates lash strips, and knows a thing or two about riding out a blowout. For more stories like this, pick up the February issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download Jan. 5.

Let’s talk about these brows you’re genetically blessed with. Have you always appreciated them?

Well, we moved from England to Los Angeles when I was 6, and I quickly learned that European beauty and American beauty are seen in different ways. It was the early ’90s, and thinner eyebrows were in, so kids would say things about mine because they were thick. I became super self-conscious, and I remember my mom telling me I’d appreciate them one day. She’d always say, “The things that look different about a person are what make them beautiful.” But as a kid you just want to fit in.

Has anyone ever tried to pressure you to change them?

I used to model when I was younger, and people would want to tweak them. I always said no. Sometimes I lost out on jobs, but oh well. My brows are part of who I am, and I try to let them be as they are. I touch them up and pluck strays quickly every morning when I do my makeup. For me, daily maintenance is better than waiting forever to get them done.

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What else does your daily beauty routine consist of?

I’m pretty low-maintenance. The main thing is that I can’t go to sleep with any makeup on my face. That’s crucial. I use a creamy cleanser and follow with Lancôme Génifique serum. I put a layer of sunscreen on every day whether it’s sunny out or not. I don’t wear a lot of foundation; I kind of dab it onto different areas that may be discolored. I have little freckles and don’t want to camouflage them. Then I use black mascara and either lip balm or lipstick. That’s it. And I’m even more chill about my hair.

How so?

I’m constantly using dry shampoo to give my hair extra oomph and to preserve the life of my blowout for as long as possible. I’m not one to wash my hair every day. Whenever my hairstylist gets me ready for an event, I’m like, “You do realize I’m going to keep my hair like this for a few days, right?”

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What’s the worst piece of beauty advice you’ve ever received?

A makeup artist once told me I needed to wear false lashes. She put a set of strips on me, and they completely irritated my eyes. The idea of anything involving glue near my eyes should’ve been a red flag. So I stay away from lash strips. I have enough lashes of my own, and if I didn’t, I would just work with what I’ve got.

Would you say that’s your beauty philosophy?

Absolutely. It’s all about learning and becoming comfortable in your own skin. That’s the process of becoming a young woman. Over the last few years I’ve grown more confident and comfortable with who I am. I accept things I once considered flaws. I’m embracing myself more and more every day.

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