Kylie Jenner Has the Secret for Applying Mascara to Your Lower Lashes

Kylie Jenner Has the Secret for Applying Mascara to Your Lower Lashes
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Consider yourself #blessed because Kylie Jenner just Snapped her entire makeup routine from start to finish—face, brows, eyes, lips, the whole thing. While we were taking notes and googling her product choices like rapid fire, we were the most intrigued by her tip for applying bottom mascara, AKA one of the hardest things in beauty to master. It seems like smears are almost unavoidable with that spoolie and baby bottom lashes. And making it natural looking? Oh, a girl can dream! But alas, who knew that one quick snap could totally level up our lower lash game?

King Kylie/SnapChat

Ready for what your girl Kylie revealed in her Snapchat story? Read on to find out.

"I use brown mascara on the bottom for a softer look. Patrick taught me that."

Perhaps Patrick Ta? Though we can't confirm that's who she was talking about, we're wondering if it's the makeup artist who's known for giving all the Victoria's Secret angels their glow. Well, almost every celebrity that coveted glow!

However, what we can confirm is that the finished product is absolutely flawless (obvi, we weren't expecting anything less).

By using brown mascara on the bottom and black on the top, Kylie is able to pull off a more natural look.

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King Kylie/SnapChat

So if you're feeling like a layer of black mascara on your bottom lashes is a bit too bold (or a bit too smudge prone?), don't stress. Kylie basically just solved all of your probs.

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