Here are the 4 Mascaras Kylie Jenner Swears By

Here are the 4 Mascaras Kylie Jenner Swears By
Taylor Hill

File this under another reason Kylie Jenner’s makeup routine isn’t that different from ours: Sometimes Jenner doesn’t feel like going through her entire glam routine by applying false lashes. On days when she wants to keep her makeup low-key without sacrificing the impact of defined, voluminous lashes, Jenner turns to a few good mascaras that deliver a falsie effect.

Jenner shared her four go-to tubes on her app, “It's so important to have a good mascara! There are some that pump up your lashes enough to totally skip falsies,” If your daily routine is a lot more likely to include a couple swipes of mascara than a full set of falsies too, consider these formula recommendations mascara gold.

Another sign Jenner is just like us: two of her favorite mascaras are super affordable and can be found in any drugstore beauty aisle. So what mascaras made the cut? Read on to find out which four formulas are Jenner-approved. 

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