Krispy Kreme Lip Balms Are the Next Best Thing to Glazed Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Lip Balms Are the Next Best Thing to Glazed Doughnuts
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There are few smells more delicious than fresh, out of the oven doughnuts, but we think we've found a beauty product with a scent that comes in at a close second. Krispy Kreme-flavored lip balms exist, and they're the next best thing to an actual glazed doughnut from the beloved bakery chain.

Available at Claire's in three classic doughnuts flavors like strawberry iced, glazed chocolate cake, and strawberry sprinkles and packaged in doughnut-shaped pots, the balms can easily be mistaken for the real deal. And although we suspect they smell good enough to eat, we don't suggest you do a taste test.

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If the trio of lip balms doesn't satisfy your doughnut craving, a five-piece Krispy Kreme lip balm gift set exists too, but there is a catch. Just like when there's none of your favorite flavor left because you've waited until after the morning rush to make a Krispy Kreme run, the gift set is sold out at Walmart, the one place that stocked it online.


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And the "Hot Now" sign doesn't even have to be glowing to get your hands on the singles. Keep scrolling to see the trio of doughnut-flavored balms

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