Here's What Kim K.W. Uses When She Does Her Own Makeup

Here's What Kim K.W. Uses When She Does Her Own Makeup
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Sure, Kim Kardashian West has an incredibly talented glam squad to create her makeup looks for literally every event she attends, filming KUWTK, and probably even a run to the grocery store if she felt like it, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know how to do her own makeup. Girlfriend—like her little sister Kylie—is actually shockingly skilled when it comes to applying product. But I guess after years and years and years of having your makeup done, you'd pick up a thing or two. 

Kim filmed her entire makeup routine in what looks to be a hotel bathroom while she was on the road for Kanye's Saint Pablo tour, and this time, there isn’t a pro doing it for her. 

Kim does literally everything from sifting through her stash to find the ideal product shade, to contouring, to perfecting her eyebrows. 

Kim broke down literally every product she used in the video on her app, along with why she loves it. It's pretty major, we got to say. You can check out five of the superstars she needs in her life, below. 

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