This Makeup Look Might Make You Dizzy, But It's Impressive

This Makeup Look Might Make You Dizzy, But It's Impressive
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Much of the makeup you see while scrolling though your Instagram feed could easily be described as "pretty." And while Vancouver-based makeup artist, Mimi Choi, does plenty of pretty makeup, she definitely doesn't shy away from more conceptual looks, either. For example, as part of a collaboration with @Beck for #BeckWOW, she created a look featuring six eyes and six lips that will make you positively dizzy looking at it.

But, guys, it's awesome.

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While that's certainly one of the weirdest things you'll come across on her channel, Mimi has created some other unusual, but downright amazing things with makeup, too.

Clearly she's a very talented eye drawer. This one, on her leg, would make an amazing tattoo, no? Her feed has numerous looks utilizing the makeup eyes she's become so good at drawing.

How realistic is this crane fly she drew on her hand? To create the look, she used Stila Stay All Day eyeliner and products from Make Up For Ever and NYX.

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You don't even have to like spiders to appreciate the craftsmanship of this drawn-on tarantula. We'll leave you with this one, but she has other makeup-drawn spiders on her feed, as well.

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