7 Foundations That Are Worth the Splurge 

7 Foundations That Are Worth the Splurge 

If you found the *perfect* foundation that gives you the even, smooth, glowing complexion of your dreams, what does it matter if it costs more than your monthly cell phone bill? Unless you won recently won the Powerball, you probably do care— a lot.

While we love drugstore makeup bargains, in the hierarchy of makeup, a flawless base always comes first. Not to mention that we're easily persuaded by fancy packaging and the claims of the ingredients found in high-end foundations. That's why we've tested some of the most expensive foundations on the market to narrow down which formulas are actually worth the hype—and sometimes three digit price tag.

The following foundations look just as good in their luxe bottles as they do on your face. Keep scrolling for the high-end foundations that are worth splurging on.

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