This is Exactly How to Use a Two-Tone Lipstick

This is Exactly How to Use a Two-Tone Lipstick

Maybe you've seen 'em—half-and-half lipsticks that resemble black and white cookies. While they make for yummy vanity candy, and sure, it's fun to get two shades for the price of one, we couldn't help but wonder—how exactly are you supposed to use a two-tone lippie?

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The answer is less straightforward than you'd think. After some trial and error, we discovered three distinct approaches:

1. While holding the bullet vertically, swipe either side over your lips. It feels a little funny at first—and you might need to use a liner brush to clean up your edges—but the end result will resemble what you'd get with a standard lipstick.

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2. Hold the bullet as normal and apply as you would a "regular" lipstick. At first, you'll look like you went a little lip liner-happy, but some blending (we just used our fingers) results in a fun gradient look.

3. Follow approach #1, but then repeat using the other side of the lipstick. The second color acts as a top coat that will make the shade you initially applied darker or lighter, depending on the hue.

Now that you're prepped, shop our favorite two-tone lipsticks below.

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