Concealers Getting Me Through My No-Sleep Phase

Concealers Getting Me Through My No-Sleep Phase

I’m not going to call it insomnia because I def don't want to tempt the universe, but as of late, my quality of sleep has been mediocre at best. And by that I mean I probably spend more time staring at my ceiling (FYI, I’ve concluded I really need one of those retractable Swiffer dusters) than I do in REM. The signs of my tossing and turning, and likely even my multiple midnight snacks of spoons full of peanut butter and jelly, have showed up on my face, specifically in dark, puffy circles under my eyes. 

The cooling eye cream I keep in the fridge (do it, you won’t regret it) de-puffs that sensitive area in minutes, but the darkness pretty much requires concealer to really put up a fair fight against it. 

From full-coverage formulas to brightening tubes, here’s a few formulas that, in addition to two cups of coffee, have helped me look like I get a sweet and luxurious eight hours every single night. 

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