9 Cheek Palettes That Are Almost Too Pretty To Use

9 Cheek Palettes That Are <em>Almost </em>Too Pretty To Use
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It’s debatable that you shouldn’t pay attention to what your makeup products look like because what’s really important is how they work. But, there’s a certain joy that comes with scoring a limited edition palette with a chic floral printed design or a cool graphic pattern imprinted on the product in its pan.

You proudly display it on your vanity (open to show off the artistic pan, obviously), show it off to your friends, Instagram it, and weigh the pros and cons of whether you should actually use it, over and over in your head.

From marble blush to highlighter shaped like a rosebud, there’s a running list of palettes you’re going to obsess over—and stress out over resisting using them. Or, you know, you can always buy two: one to use and one to display.

We’ve rounded up our favorite nine cheek palettes that are almost too pretty to use.

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