The Oldie-But-Goodie Eyeshadow Color You Should Start Wearing

The Oldie-But-Goodie Eyeshadow Color You Should Start Wearing

It seems like every time we blink there’s a new makeup trend we have to try, but there’s nothing wrong with going back-to-basics once in a while. One such product that’s recaptured our eye is champagne eyeshadow. The shimmery neutral shade has a permanent place in our makeup bags because of its versatility and it’s universally flattering. “Champagne has a neutral cool undertone which is flattering to almost any skin color. It helps set up for any other color introduced that could possibly clash,” explains New York-based hair and makeup artist Abraham Sprinkle.

Call it the anti-contouring movement, but now that we’re starting to veer away from chiseled cheeks, the subtle eyeshadow shade is just the soft touch our makeup routine is in need of. “With past trends of heavy strobing and contouring. I think women want a kinder option,” says Sprinkle. “Since it falls in the neutral base, it's universal. Depending on what you pair it with, it will only compliment the end results, and works well as a transition color.  It's comparable to beige paint in home interior.”

Ready to pop-off a new champagne eyeshadow shade? Read on for our five favorite ones to try. 

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