Pics That Prove You Need to Own Blue Lipstick

Pics That Prove You Need to Own Blue Lipstick
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Blue lipstick may not the most traditional color to wear on your lips, but this summer, it's certainly one of the coolest. Even Kylie Jenner (and her Lip Kits) think so. From super vampy, near-black lipstick to powdery, pastel princess blue, you've got quite a spectrum to choose from. The beauty gurus below prove that blue lipstick is not only wearable, but that it can be downright flattering.

Here's makeup artist @jadethelibra sporting a dark blue-meets-purple lipstick with color-coordinated hair and eyeshadow. She's wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Potion ($20, Anastasia Beverly Hills) and a touch of Colour Pop Cosmetics highlighter in Hippo—any icy lavender—on top in order to add some dimension ($8, Colour Pop).


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The lovely @glitterbubblegum_ demonstrates that a pastel blue is just as pretty as a vampy one. She's got Lime Crime lipstick in Teacup on her lips, which is a periwinkle matte blue that reacts with black light ($20, Lime Crime).

Makeup artist @pennold is giving us ideas about nail and lipstick matching. She's wearing Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue Velvet and I'm Royalty on her lips ($18 each, Jeffree Star Cosmetics).

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How about a smoky eye paired with blue lips like @lizzzie93? Her slate blue eyes make this whole look come together. She's wearing Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Transylvania, a blue-leaning purple, on her lips ($12, Pretty Zombie Cosmetics).

And here's makeup artist @makeupshayla wearing Kylie's Skylie liquid lipstick, a sky blue lippie that dries matte ($29, Kylie Cosmetics).

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