The Best Volumizing Mascaras Out Right Now

The Best Volumizing Mascaras Out Right Now
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Clump-free formula, full lashes, can’t lose, is our mantra when it comes to choosing mascara. Without a doubt, our mascara is the hardest worker in our beauty routines. From concealing a late night, to making eyes appear bigger, few makeup products have the magic like a volumizing mascara to make us instantly look awake and pulled-together.

Thanks to a clique of new and tried-and-true tubes, faking thicker, fuller lashes has never been easier. CoverGirl’s So Lashy! Blast Pro’s wand has a unique three-in-one brush that shapes and molds to you, no matter your lash type, while rms Beauty’s formula is packed with gentle, natural emollient ingredients like sunflower oil and shea butter that enhance lash size. Even better: Many of these mascaras can be found at your favorite drugstore, so you won’t have to choose between happy hour wine, or replacing the dried-up tube you’ve been salvaging. Here, we’ve rounded up our favorite volumizing mascaras that coat lashes better than the rest.

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