9 SPF-Infused Foundations to Add to Your Summer Makeup Bag

9 SPF-Infused Foundations to Add to Your Summer Makeup Bag

There are two categories of sunscreen wearers: those who remember to apply it every day, and if you're like us, you have the odd morning when you forget to finish your skincare routine with a layer of SPF. Whatever camp you fall under, swapping your usual foundation for one that's spiked with SPF protection will guarantee that your skin is at least getting some protection from the sun's damaging rays, especially during the summer.

We're not saying you should skip wearing sunscreen entirely, think of a SPF-infused foundation as extra insurance, or the next best thing to the real deal on mornings when you need to cut a step or two from your routine because you've hit snooze too many times.

When wearing an SPF-infused foundation, make sure you opt for one that offers SPF 15 or higher to make sure that your skin is getting a safe level of protection. Aside from the SPF number, stick with whatever foundation finish you prefer. Whether you love a matte, poreless look or want a radiant glow, there's options out there for everyone.

Here, we've rounded up our favorite SPF-infused foundations to wear to help prevent sun damage.

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