The Best Green Makeup for Your Skin Tone

The Best Green Makeup for Your Skin Tone

No eyeshadow shade in your palette should go unused. That’s the mantra we’re living, thanks to supermodels, actors, and makeup artists alike using the power of beauty to express themselves and giving us endless bright and vibrant eyeshadow looks. Pinks and blues are officially red carpet staples, but now your favorite celebrities are going green. From mint hues swept across the lid to emerald liner, we’ve seen it all, and now it’s your turn to test out the trend.

"My take on green is it’s one of those few colors out there that’s extremely versatile and works for almost every skin tone," explains celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, a pro who works with stars like Lily Collins and Kate Bosworth. Keep scrolling for the lowdown from Oquendo on how to find the most flattering match for you.

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