6 Products That Will Make You a Cushion Compact Convert

6 Products That Will Make You a Cushion Compact Convert
Joseph Molines; prop styling: Anthony Federici

If you’ve been makeup shopping lately, you’ve probably noticed that the compacts on display look a little different than the tried-and-true ones in your makeup bag. Cushion compacts have inundated beauty aisles of late, becoming one of the most popular makeup trends to emerge from the Korean beauty invasion. And it’s easy to see why: their sponge-like formula makes even application foolproof, and they’re travel friendly. With a cushion compact in your lineup, you’ll never have to worry about leaking bottles or TSA confiscating your favorite liquid foundation again.


While the trend started out with foundation, now eyeliner, blush, and even lipstick have joined the cushion compact club. Even better, many formulas boast additional skin care benefits such as SPF protection and hydrating ingredients. Convinced you should finally give cushion compacts a try? Get on board with our six favorite cushion sponge products.

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