The Best Cities for Beauty Shopping, According to Style Bloggers Amra and Elma

The Best Cities for Beauty Shopping, According to Style Bloggers Amra and Elma

There are a few things that will happen when you land on Amra and Elma Beganovich’s blog. First, you’ll want to hit up your friend for an impromptu photoshoot in front of that mural you’ve been eyeing. Next, you’ll want to shop. I’m talking a marathon, shop-’til-you-drop kinda retail trip. Then, you’ll want to closely evaluate the contents of your savings account to see if you can feasibly book a getaway in order to do both of these things in a brand new city. 

Of course, if you’re already familiar with these jet-setting, stylish bloggers, who happen to be the creators of @ClubFashionista (they left their corporate J-O-B-S to embark on the road of social media, NBD) and have long studied their enviable Instagram accounts, this phenomenon is nothing new. 

But being as beauty obsessed as we are over here at MIMI, we were most interested in how their travels have influenced their beauty decisions and what tips they have for buying products when traveling to different cities. Luckily, they spilled all their secrets, along with details on the best hotspots for beauty shopping. 

"We would have to say New York," said Elma when asked about her favorite city for beauty shopping. "There’s just an incomparable variety here, from fragrance stores to vintage shops, to hidden gems where you can find the most unique items. We also love that there are so many brands represented here—for example, we love bareMinerals, so the fact that there are stand-alone shops in New York City is a huge plus for us," she mentioned. 

The other cities that made their lists include Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, and London, but all for different reasons. 

"Los Angeles is home to La Bella Donna—an all-natural skincare brand whose products are jam-packed with minerals that truly nourish the skin. The more natural we can get with skin care, the better, since so many products on the market contain harmful chemicals. Their loose foundation is great for everyday and super lightweight on the skin," explains Amra. 

In Tokyo, the ladies pick up Shu Uemura eyelash curlers, while in London they go for KIKO lipsticks. In Paris? They are all about Caudalie, and as fans of the brand, we totally get why. 

"We’ve always found the most success in visiting airport shops, local pharmacies, or department stores, because a lot of times they carry brands that you wouldn’t be able to find in the U.S.," they explain of shopping for beauty abroad. 

But their travels have introduced them to more than just fantastic product.

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"The main thing we’ve been able to learn through our travels is that there is no one singular type of beauty. The definition of beauty is a lot wider than we think it is, and every culture interprets this differently," they said. 

Taking a tip from the gals and going away for the weekend? Well, if beauty shopping is on the agenda, Elma and Amra suggest doing your research, asking locals about their favorite products, and stopping into pharmacies and airport shops for formulas specific to that area. 

And if you need outfit inspo, jumping over to their blog isn't a bad idea, either. Oh, and be sure to check out some of their favorite products, below! 

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