The Best Blue Eyeshadows for Your Skin Tone

The Best Blue Eyeshadows for Your Skin Tone

Thanks to high school flashback scenes in rom-coms, blue eyeshadow often gets a bad rap for being tacky. While it's true that the eye makeup color can easily go wrong, if you're wearing the right shade for your skin tone, blue can actually be super flattering and look fresh.

Need some visuals? Look no further than the royal blue looks Reese Witherspoon and Katie Holmes wore to this year's Met Gala, and Yara Shahidi's shimmery cerulean shadow she wore to a SAG Awards party.

Since blue eyeshadow and its many shade variations can seem overwhelming, we turned to celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendaño who works with Zendaya, Ashley Graham, and Camila Cabello, to name a few, for his tips on how to choose the best shade for your complexion, along with the best way of applying it.

"People who are open to wearing blue eyeshadow usually love bold looks, but you can get too bold with blue eyeshadow," says Avendaño. "Be careful not to apply blue eyeshadow up to your brows. For everyday life, that may not look as cool as you're expecting it to. Also, there's a misconception is that blue eyeshadow isn't for everyone. It definitely depends on the shade of blue, but almost everyone can wear any shade as long as they find not the compliments their skin tone.

If you're looking for a statement look, he recommends a sheer wash of blue over your entire lid, or using it as an accent color on the center of the lid, at the crease, or inner and outer corners of the eyes.

Ready to give the shade a try? Keep scrolling for a breakdown of what blue eyeshadow shades work best for every skin tone.

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