The Best Berry Lipstick for Your Skin Tone to Wear this Fall 

The Best Berry Lipstick for Your Skin Tone to Wear this Fall 
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Wearing a berry lipstick during the fall season is just like ordering a PSL—it's inevitable that it's going to happen at some point. Since there's a range of berry shades to pick from—whether you're a Bing Cherry, cranberry, grape, or blackberry fan—navigating which hue is the most flattering for your complexion can be tough to navigate when in a bunch, all of the berries can start to look similar.

But, having options is exactly what makes a berry lip so flattering on a number of skin tones. "There’s a versatility with berry shades which makes it fun for all skin tones to explore," says New York-based hair and makeup artist Lindsey Williams. "If you aren’t into a deep cherry shade, you can try a cranberry or deep raspberry tone!"

Williams biggest tip for applying berry lipstick is to do a bit of prep work to prevent the color from feather or bleeding off of your lips. She suggests coating your lips with a primer like BITE Beauty's Line & Define Primer ($22; before reaching for the berry lipstick of your choice.

When choosing a shade, Williams explains it's important not to shy away from deeper tones. "Berry lips are more than a poppy watermelon shade," she says. "They are richer and darker so don’t be afraid to be bold. For direction, think of the various berries/fruits that are darker hued, like raspberry, cranberry, blackberry, and Bing Cherries (not exactly a berry but the shade of stain they create is gorgeous!)."

If you're planning on wearing a berry lip this fall, we've broken down the best shades for your skin tone. Keep scrolling for our picks.

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