The Beauty Products You Should Actually Buy Off Home Shopping Channels

The Beauty Products You Should<em> Actually </em>Buy Off Home Shopping Channels

But wait—there’s more! You know the beauty products you see being demoed on home shopping channels late at night when you’re up with insomnia and a jar of peanut butter (or is that just me...)? You can really believe what you see because some of them actually really work. It can be hard to decifer what’s just TV magic and what’s credible in terms of haircare, skincare, and makeup, but along with the Magic Bullet, we’ve tried and tested many of the brands and items you see on-air and can vouch for their effectiveness. From lipstick to foundation, these home shopping channel cameos are actually worth the cash—or the two payments. Whatever you may wish. 

VIDEO: Trust Us, We Tried It: The Modern Perm

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