The Best Makeup Palettes That Won’t Leave You Penniless

The Best Makeup Palettes That Won’t Leave You Penniless

Another day, another must-have palette to lust over. As much as we’d love to go out and immediately get our hands on every new collection of colors and kits our favorite beauty brands entice us with, most of the time we leave half of the colors in these releases untouched, and our bank accounts empty.

Luckily, you can have new makeup to play with and pay all your bills on time this month. Some of the best palettes that offer colors you’ll actually use are budget-friendly at $25 or less. From eye shadow collections for smoky-eye first-timers to something for the contour challenged, the following makeup palettes offer ten ways to boost the color in your routine, or simplify popular makeup application techniques without emptying your wallet.

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