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The 5 Beauty Products Bella Hadid Swears By

The 5 Beauty Products Bella Hadid Swears By
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The newest face of Dior Beauty on self-confidence, middle-child syndrome, and why she'll never go blond.

Your looks get so much attention. Is it ever hard to deal with?

Yes. People think I'm so confident, but I wasn't confident at all until recently, and I'm still growing. I look in the mirror some mornings and feel completely insecure. For me, confidence is a work in progress. It's always hurtful to read negative comments on social media, but I'm learning not to take them personally.

What lessons did your mom teach you and your sister Gigi about beauty growing up?

She taught us the basics—to keep our skin clean and moisturized, and to wear sunscreen. There wasn't a big focus on beauty in our house because we were always at the barn riding horses, and Gigi also played volleyball. We'd come to dinner all sweaty, do our homework, and go to school the next morning.

I read that you consider yourself the quintessential middle child. How so?

I'm the peacemaker. My brother is a lot like my dad, my sister is a lot like my mom, and I'm a mixture of both. My sister is yelling at my brother. My mom is yelling at my dad. I'm like, "Guys, can we please just love each other?" I want to be on everybody's side. I'm also a Libra.

You and Gigi are only 18 months apart. Have you always had completely different styles?

I've always been much edgier. The first thing IMG [Models] said to Gigi when she moved to New York was "You dress very L.A." She wore sundresses, white Ts, and boyfriend jeans. I walked into IMG in black leather pants, a moto jacket, and pumps. And there's our hair. People think I dyed mine to differentiate myself, but that's not true. I dyed it dark on my 13th birthday because it's more me. My entire life I always felt I should've been born brunette. I can't even imagine myself blonde.

Did you ever go through an awkward phase?

Oh my god, I was a complete chubster. I was the kid playing with sand in the corner eating chicken nuggets. Meanwhile, Gigi had a full-on six-pack, and this was when we were 6 and 7. I can show you pictures. She's always had the same athletic body that she has now. I also had braces in high school.

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When did you realize you wanted to model?

Probably after I moved to New York for college and signed with IMG. I did so many test shoots in random little apartments in Brooklyn, but it wasn't until my first real shoot that I became excited and realized I wanted to make a career out of modeling. I've always looked up to the '90s supermodels—Naomi, Cindy, and Linda. They're so badass. Most of my hair and makeup references for shoots come from them.

When you're off-duty, what kind of hair and makeup makes you most comfortable?

I like a taupey, goldish, light pink situation on my eyes, and a soft pink lip. I have really thin hair, so I'm self-conscious about wearing it down. When I do, I have extensions in. But normally I like to pull my hair off of my face into a super-sleek bun. People make fun of me because I pull my hair back so tight that it looks like I've had a face-lift.

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