5 Primers You'll Actually Want to Apply

5 Primers You'll Actually Want to Apply
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Everyone has a beauty product that they skip out on, or honestly, one they just have never used. Some of my friends say they don’t really dig eyeliner, others tell me they rarely apply foundation. For me? It’s primer. 

It’s not that I don’t like it, at all. Let me tell you, every time a makeup artist has applied it on my face and then followed up with foundation, I’ve been more than pleased with the status of my skin… and how my makeup wears throughout the day. It’s more that my mornings are busy and I’m often racing against the clock. Ever arrive to your train only to have the doors close in your face as you sprint to get on? I refuse to let it happen again. 

And because I’m in a rush, I pair down my products. Primer gets the boot mostly because I don’t have especially oily skin and I wear minimal foundation anyway. However, after testing out and learning about a few formulas that boasted extra skin-friendly benefits, I have started sneaking this staple into my everyday routine. 

Presenting, five primers that will actually make you want to apply primer. 

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