Lush's New Face Masks Feel Like Actual Jelly

Lush's New Face Masks Feel Like Actual Jelly

Finally, Lush is about to settle the debate started by Destiny's Child almost 16 years ago. Are we ready for this jelly? We can only hope so.

We've seen our fair share of face masks in varying forms over the years—the traditional mud, clay, or cream mixes further expanded into sheet, peel-off, and bubbling sheet formations, and now everyone's favorite bath bomb giant is introducing jelly face masks to the market. They've got the texture of a Jell-O shot, but are jam-packed with ingredients that give your skin some extra love. The hero ingredient in the formula is carrageenan extract, which comes from Irish moss seaweed and is responsible for the jelly base, and the range includes 5 masks designed to tackle every issue. The method isn't incredibly different from that of the rest of your face masks—simply scoop out your desired amount, work it over your skin until it turns into a cream, and allow the formula to do its thing for roughly 10 minutes.

Find the masks at Lush locations and online at starting September 1, and scroll down to get a sneak peek at each one.

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