A Kylie Jenner Fan Got Even More Lip Kit Tattoos

A Kylie Jenner Fan Got Even More Lip Kit Tattoos
Larry Busacca
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Real dedication.

People really love Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits — they are literally always sold out and the mere mention of a restock sends people into a frenzy. Kylie's Lip Kits obviously have some very devoted fans. A few months ago, vlogger and Kylie Jenner super-fan, Johnny Cyrus went viral for getting swatches of Kylie's Lip Kit tattooed on his arm. Yesterday, Johnny shared an Instagram of his latest tattooed homage to the Lip Kit empire — the Kylie Cosmetics dripping lip from her packaging, the Kylie signature logo and the names of her three lip glosses — "Like", "Literally," and "So Cute" all in bold on his bicep.

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Spelled out on his arm the tattoo almost looks like a quote from Clueless, "literally, like so cute!" so honestly this tattoo is like doubly useful. There's that old saying, "beauty is pain," that we're betting he's pretty familiar with by now (a million tiny needle pricks will do that to you). The next time you're wincing about getting your eyebrows done just remember that it could be much, much more painful.

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