Here's How to Make Your Skin Look Like It's Wearing an Instagram Filter

Here's How to Make Your Skin Look Like It's Wearing an Instagram Filter

If your #NoMakeup selfie is rocking a Rise filter, does it technically still qualify for the hashtag? The jury is still out on that, but the hyper-real finish our favorite Instagram effects give our skin are often so good, we're constantly on the hunt for products that can take those effects into the real world, especially on days when the weather has our complexion looking pretty gnarly. That's why we consulted the expertise of Joey Maalouf, celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of The Glam App, who broke down Instagram's best beauty filters, as well as how you can apply one to your IRL makeup routine—but not before providing some sage wisdom on the art of the selfie.

"I mean, not to sound like Kim Kardashian, but lighting is the most important thing ever. Don't be afraid of a little backlight. It can make you look as good as direct light," he tells us. "I'm not a believer of taking a photo from too high up because it looks like you're trying to hide something, so I prefer to keep it at eye level. Valencia, Nashville, and Mayfair are pretty much my go-to filters, but if no one looks good and you want to post the picture, go black and white." Noted.

Keep reading to find out how you can look like you're wearing an Instagram filter, and the exact products you should use.

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