How to Wear Orange Lipstick Flawlessly

How to Wear Orange Lipstick Flawlessly
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Not quite red or pink, a vibrant orange lipstick is exactly middle ground, which is what makes it a staple whether you’re 10-inches deep in snow, or sweating it out during a heatwave. While the shade might be season-less, pulling off a tangerine lip isn’t quite as simple as swiping on a rose-y pink without thinking twice. “How you build around the orange lipstick is what makes it versatile for now to summer. Going with radiant skin and a dense orange pout makes the look for modern and chic,” explains Dior celebrity makeup artist Daniel Martin, who’s painted orange lips on celebs like Kate Bosworth.

So how do you ensure your orange lip look appears fresh? Martin says it’s all in the application. The pro recommends following your natural lip shape. If you’re a fan of a matte finish, he says to blot a thin coat of foundation or concealer on your lips first to create a blank canvas. For an orange lip with sheen, prep with a coordinating lip liner all over your pout first, followed by a coat of gloss after you apply the lipstick. For the rest of your makeup, stick with neutral tones of warm beige, peach, and apricot on your eyes and cheeks to compliment the bright lipstick.

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As for choosing the actual bullet you’ll use, Martin says that regardless of skin tone, orange lipstick is a statement. “The kind of finish you want determines how intense of a look you want to go with. Sheer being less intense, while a matte lipstick has the most payoff and brightness.” If you’re a bold lip color novice and feel intimidated by the shade, the pro suggests making coral part of your starter kit. “A great orange for someone who's new to trying out the shade is coral because it’s a balance of pink and orange. The more yellow in a lipstick makes it more orange which also means brighter on the skin.”

Want to give an orange lip a try? Keep scrolling for Martin’s lipstick picks for every skin tone.


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