Take Notes! Iskra Lawrence Revealed Her Top Selfie Tips

Take Notes! Iskra Lawrence Revealed Her Top Selfie Tips
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Leave it to Iskra Lawrence to make your day and give you a confidence boost. The model has become one of the faces of body positivty and for a reason—she's spoken openly about her own struggle with body shamers and is not afraid to shut down Internet bullies. On top of all that, she's a true social media queen with over 2 million followers on Instagram, so we can probs count on her selfie advice.

In a video for runwayriot.com, Lawrence shared her top tips for acing your selfies — let's be honest, who hasn't taken 56 pictures of themselves on a particularly good makeup day? We know we're not alone.

The model suggests taking a photo with your phone above your eye level so you are looking up, as well as looking for natural light whenever you can—AKA, "go by a window."

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She also says to try different angles and that she prefers to take selfies on Snapchat, because the app doesn't flip your photo vertically. Ahh, interesting...

Her top tip, though, may be the most important one—be confident. "I am sure you look super cute anyway, no matter how good your selfie is." Iskra, we love you!

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