How to Remove Literally Any Makeup Stain from Your Clothing

How to Remove Literally <em>Any</em> Makeup Stain from Your Clothing
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Just like magnets attract any metal-based object within its reach, our clothing usually seems to end up welcoming just about every makeup stain imaginable onto its surface—bonus points if we happen to be wearing light colors that day. Cue the eternal struggle of whether to try and fix the item while running the risk of making it worse, or just tossing it entirely. Makeup artist Abraham Sprinkle is constantly doing photo shoots, which often involves having to remove a product smear or 10 from a couture dress in a pinch. We asked him to tell us his pro secret on how to remove any makeup stain, from liquid foundation to mascara, without damaging the fabric. Keep reading to get all the details, and consider your world forever changed.

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