The Best Leggings for Running

The Best Leggings for Running

We all have workout pet peeves. For some, it’s when people don’t wipe down the treadmill after they’re done using it—and to be fair, that’s also kind of gross. For others, it’s when your headphones continuously fall out of your ears. While both of those things bug me, my true annoyance is when my leggings fall down when I’m running.

Instead of focusing on my stride, my breathing, or my pace, all I’m fixated on is pulling up the waistband of my pants, which makes running more of a chore than a form of meditation. But because exercising is quite honestly my favorite thing to do, and, well, cardio is essential to my body’s wellbeing, I’ve ditched the loose leggings and gone to town testing different pairs. Luckily, I’ve found few that can withstand all my running actives, from a 2-mile jog to a half marathon. Keep scrolling to get the lowdown on each and every pair.

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