These 5 Workouts Helped Me Get My Body Back After Two Kids

These 5 Workouts Helped Me Get My Body Back After Two Kids
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Maria Benetos is the co-founder of, a content and commerce destination for style-savvy moms. She is pictured, above left, with MiniMode co-founder Colleen Crivello. 

I was not one of those women who felt beautiful and glowing while pregnant. Actually, I was thoroughly confused by the ones who claimed to love it and all the ways it transformed their bodies. Of course I was beyond thrilled when my little ones were born, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't immediately think "now, how do I fix this?" post-partum.

As someone who has always been fitness-oriented, I bounced back relatively quickly post-pregnancy the first time around. My second one, however, changed my body so much I was convinced I'd never look the same again. The usual routine of eating healthy paired with long-distance runs just wasn't cutting it. Plus, I was tired, stressed, and feeling completely unmotivated (understandable when you have two kids under the age of 2). It was time to shake things up. I decided I needed to adjust my thoughts about wellness and taking care of myself—rather than seeing it as work, my plan was to take on a positive, post-baby "just try it" attitude. Here's what happened:

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