The Otherworldly Ingredient in Gwyneth Paltrow's Go-To Smoothie Recipe? Moon Dust

The Otherworldly Ingredient in Gwyneth Paltrow's Go-To Smoothie Recipe? Moon Dust
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If you were to have breakfast at Gwyneth Paltrow’s, we imagine you’d be treated to a tall glass of the actress-turned-lifestyle-guru’s favorite breakfast smoothie, which she recently shared the recipe for on Goop. While drinking a smoothie to start the day isn’t out of the ordinary, Paltrow’s go-to mix includes one key ingredient that you’ve probably never heard of, but sounds out of this world: Moon Dust.

The brainchild of MoonJuice juice bar founder Amanda Chantal Bacon, the Paltrow-approved health powders are a blend of organic herbs, adaptogenic plants, and bioactive minerals—and no matter how you’re looking to enhance your life, chances are there’s a Moon Dust for that. Hot date? Sprinkle Sex Dust in your morning coffee. Lackluster skin? Beauty Dust is your answer. Trouble sleeping? Sip some Goodnight Dust-infused tea before bed.

So what inspired the celebrity juice-bar owner to start dabbling in herb powders? After carrying around her own custom mixes, Bacon realized she was on to something when friends began requesting their own batches. She then worked with a traditional herbalist to create blends based on ancient Chinese remedies. “Making the official formulas was really fun because I could take the properties I wanted to induce and the ingredients I wanted to focus on, and then I worked with a master traditional Chinese herbalist to really perfect them and make sure that they were the proper potency,” explains Bacon. “[The formulas] aren’t made up. They are combinations of tried-and-true wisdom that has been tested for much of human history.”

Given Paltrow’s devotion to healthy living, it’s not surprising that Bacon’s Moon Dust collection quickly caught her attention, “[Gwyneth] was a fan of Moon Juice and used it in her everyday life and was super into it. We got together and I alchemized some stuff for her using Moon Dusts and our pantry items. She loves it and it’s actually something she uses in her everyday life," Bacon says. "She’s authentic in that if she uses something in her everyday life, she’s going to share it with people.”

Curious find out what all the dust is about? Bacon whipped up four recipes for InStyle using Moon Juice’s Sex, Beauty, Goodnight, and Action powders—to help enhance your day, whatever direction you want to take it in.

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