This Gadget Fixed My Poor Posture Once and For All

This Gadget Fixed My Poor Posture Once and For All
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Posture is one of those things you don't think about until suddenly you do. Don't believe me? Take a lap around your office—I'll owe you a dollar if at least 75% of your co-workers aren't slouching over their computers. Poor posture—it's everywhere!

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I'm part of the problem. Like most 20-somethings, I've spent the better part of my life glued to a computer screen, back hunched like a web hacker from a bad teen movie. So when an ad for a posture trainer called Upright Go ($79; popped up on my Facebook feed, I figured I owed it to my future self—who would surely be plagued with lifelong lower back pain—to give it a go.

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The palm-sized device works not unlike an invisible dog fence. Dare to slouch after you've adhered it to your upper back (it's got reusable adhesive) and a gentle vibration will remind you to straighten up. A compatible app tracks your progress and coaches you through a two-week training program in which you're tasked with daily, time-oriented goals.

I've been "in training" for about a week now, and after some initial hurdles—I was actually sore for the first few days—I'm pleased to report I'm sitting taller than I was before. In fact, I'm walking around every day like a just got a great haircut. Turns out good posture puts a spring in your step.

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