Gucci's Spring 2018 Beauty Looks Were Your Mom's Favorites in the '70s & '80s 

Gucci's Spring 2018 Beauty Looks Were Your Mom's Favorites in the '70s & '80s 

There’s only one word that truly describes the Gucci aesthetic: eclectic. While creative director Alessandro Michele’s inspirations for the fashion house’s Spring 2018 collection spanned decades and cultures, the glitz and glamour of the ‘70s and '80s arguably shone through, namely the stage outfits of Sir Elton John.

Along with round, oversized, yellow-tinted sunglasses and spectacles in various shapes and sizes that looked like they could have easily been plucked from the singer's infamous collection, the hair on the runway was equally over-the-top. Extreme feathered bangs, shaggy corkscrew curls, and flipped ends are all styles you probably haven't seen since browsing your parents' yearbooks.

For the most part, the models' makeup was much more low-key, save for the few that wore blurred red or hot pink lipstick that was smudged around the edges to mimic how lipstick looks post-makeout session. A clean matte orange lip was also spotted in the mix. One model's multi-tonal, metallic smoky eyes mirrored how the singer's sequined numbers changed color under the stage lights.

Keep scrolling for all of the must-see beauty moments from Gucci's Spring 2018 show at Milan Fashion Week.

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