Your Fall Signature Fragrance, According to Your Zodiac Sign 

Your Fall Signature Fragrance, According to Your Zodiac Sign 
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We’ve all been there: You spend hours testing fragrances and finally pick one you think you like, but when you spritz it on a few days later, it smells nothing like it did in the store. Since it’s fall, along with piling on more layers, swapping your lightweight summer beauty products for richer, full-coverage ones, you should also consider a new signature scent. Instead of guessing what fragrance may work for you and your fall vibe, why not turn to your zodiac sign as a foolproof way to choosing a scent you’ll become obsessed with?

You might think that the fragrances you usually gravitate towards are based on your own personal taste, but your star sign’s attributes and current state can also make a major impact on which bottles you keep on your shelf. We turned to Tali Edut, one-half of The AstroTwins to find out how the stars are aligning this fall and what it means for your fragrance choice. Read on to find out which new fragrance should become your fall signature based on your zodiac sign.


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