These Sexy Fragrances Make Us Feel Some Kind of Way 

These Sexy Fragrances Make Us Feel Some Kind of Way 
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Fragrance is a curious thing. You can't see it, obviously, but it remains one of the most powerful ephemeral experiences around. And what is really incredible is how one spritz or whiff of a scent you love can completely alter your entire disposition. I find that if I forget fragrance, I'm lacking the invisible cue that I have started my day.

Certain fragrances, though, are strictly for a certain time and place (or not, it depends on the person), but I find that the women and editors I know all reserve a special place on their boudoir for the fragrance that makes them feel like Aphrodite in the flesh.

Feeling like you smell intoxicating to others is intoxicating in and of itself. So what do the ladies of InStyle and MIMI's beauty squad reach for when they're looking for that kinda vibe? Read on. 

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