9 Fragrances That Smell Clean for Sweaty Summer Days

9 Fragrances That Smell Clean for Sweaty Summer Days

We've all been there on hot summer days: Even though we've showered and applied clinical strength deodorant, we end up a sweaty, mess before making it to work or our weekend brunch plans.

When the humidity is at an all-time high, you'll take every extra measure to feel (and smell) cool and refreshed. Along with reapplying deodorant, a hydrating facial mist, and chugging a water bottle, an extra spritz or two of perfume won't hurt either.

That being said, the musky, spicy scents that you favor during cooler months in the year probably feel too heavy in the heat, and florals, sticky and sweet. Instead, reach for a bottle with crisp, light notes that will help you feel fresh and clean.

We've rounded up our favorite clean fragrances to refresh yourself during summer's heatwaves. 

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