These Are the 8 Bath & Body Works Fragrances That Are Coming Back

These Are the 8 Bath & Body Works Fragrances That Are Coming Back
Keate Barker
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Cue the squeals for the big reveal.

UPDATE: We can finally reveal the eight fragrances Bath & Body Works will re-release in the coming weeks. The lucky scents and their orginal release years? Sun-Ripened Raspberry (1996), Country Apple (1997), Cucumber Melon (1998), Freesia (1998), Brown Sugar & Fig (2005), Mango Mandarin (2002), Cotton Blossom (2000), and Peony (2004). Sun-Ripened Raspberry wiill become available on May 27, with the other seven Flashback Fragrant scents available beginning June 6 through July 3. Stock up while you can!

Last year everyone went nuts when Bath & Body Works re-stocked six of the fragrances that kicked off their personal care empire in the early ‘90s. Apparently it was such a success, they’re bringing it back with a second round of #FlashbackFragrance, except this time there will be eight re-releases and we’re 100 percent freaking out.

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While we’re told BBW is keeping the nostalgic scents under lock and key until they’ll hit shelves on May 27, I personally have my fingers crossed for Sun-Ripened Raspberry and Seaspray – two fragrances that basically shaped the ‘90s for me. Last year the lucky six that made it back into stores (albeit briefly) included Plumeria, Cucumber Melon, Country Apple, White Tea & Ginger, Juniper Breeze, and Pearberry.

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With the re-releases just a few weeks away, there’s no better time to crank up your old Hansen CDs and slip on one-shouldered overalls in preparation. Now if only we had kept our butterfly clips…

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