6 Foundation-Concealer Hybrids to Streamline Your Makeup Routine

6 Foundation-Concealer Hybrids to Streamline Your Makeup Routine

Your Prius isn't the only hybrid getting attention these days. In the makeup world, some of our favorite brands are combining the skin-perfecting powers of both concealer and foundation, housed in one sleek container. The two-in-one concept is nothing new to the beauty aisle (thanks, shampoo-conditioner hybrids), but it is a first in terms of complexion products, and the finish can be altered depending on how you work your makeup tools. To use as foundation, apply a few dabs or swipes in various places on your face—like under your eyes, down your nose, and on your forehad and chin—then blend everything out with a damp makeup sponge. Then, apply a more concentrated amount over areas that need a little extra love if you want to try out its concealing abilities. They're like foundations with a hidden talent, and can seriously help lighten the load of an overstuffed makeup bag. Shop a few of our favorite formulas at every price point below!

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