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The 5 Things Christie Brinkley Does to Stay Sports Illustrated-Ready

The 5 Things Christie Brinkley Does to Stay <em>Sports Illustrated</em>-Ready
Anne Menke/Trunk Archive

When people say "age is just a number," they could be pointing at Christie Brinkley. This year the 63-year-old supermodel posed alongside her daughters for Sports Illustrated ’s Swimsuit Issue—the same magazine that featured her on its cover three consecutive times, starting in 1979. And while Brinkley works with trainers on occasion (“especially after having babies”), the longtime vegetarian refuses to fall into a workout rut. “I haven’t been to a gym in a long time,” she says. “I always need variety. I’d rather be moving outdoors, taking a Zumba class, riding a bike on the beach—anything so fun that I barely realize I’ve come home dripping in sweat.”

Here, the multi-talented model shows us how it's done.

VIDEO: Christie Brinkley and Her Daughters Pose for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue


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