How to Wear Glittery Lids Without the Mess

How to Wear Glittery Lids Without the Mess

When you think of glitter eyeshadow you probably recall covering your lids with that sticky, sparkly paste found in your caboodle. While the initial look was cool, the aftermath of tirelessly wiping to get the glitter off your face, outfit, and wherever else it may have fallen was not. Now you avoid using glitter shadows in fear of sparkles traveling elsewhere once again. Instead of skipping shimmer take the necessary precautions to ensure it doesn’t stray. We chatted with N.Y.C makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor, to get the all tips and tricks on how to get fuss-free, mess-free glitter lids.

Prep the Eye Area

With any makeup you want to stay put it’s best to prep the area before applying product. Sotomayor suggests popping under-eye patches on, like the Klorane soothing under eye patches ($24 for 7; to catch any stray particles that may fall on your face. Not only does this keep the under eye area protected during application, but you’re also de-puffing the area which helps to keep the overall makeup look fresh and modern.

Before placing on your twinkle of choice, apply a tacky base to grip the glitter. Skip cream shadows, as those tend to dry down before you have a chance to stick on the sparkles, and go for a glitter glue, like this one from Too Faced ($24; "This looks like a neutral eye primer, but it has just enough tack to hold glitter without making your whole eye stick," informs Sotomayor. When you really need that glitter to stay put, Sotomayor suggests diluting a drop of latex lash glue with a drop of water and using that to grasp the shimmering bits. "Sweep it over your lids with a cotton swab, keep one eye closed until the glue starts to turn clear and somewhat dry, then add glitter," says Sotomayor. He notes to steer clear of semi-permanent individual lash glue when using this technique as it can damage the skin.

Your Tool Kit

Don’t dip your eyeshadow brush into the pot of glitter particles, as there are less messy ways to get the product out of the jar. Opt for a cotton swab or a reusable silicone applicator ($16; when applying loose glitter. "The silicone applicator looks like a spade and is just sticky enough to lift and deposit glitter. Use the thin side for a thin line, or use the wide and flat side for an all over effect," says Sotomayor. If you do happen to get some shimmer bits on your skin press a piece of tape onto the area and gently lift up—the specks should come right off. Sotomayor says to only use paper tape or scotch tape with this technique. Anything too strong and you’ll risk harming your skin.

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Now that you’re armed and ready to take on all the sparkles, we’ve rounded up some of the best glittering eye products below.

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