4 Eyeliners That'll Solve All of Your Cat Eye Problems

4 Eyeliners That'll Solve All of Your Cat Eye Problems
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Considering the level of arm aerobics involved in applying cat eye eyeliner, it should really be its own Olympic sport. On top of keeping a steady hand, it takes a lot of wrist twisting and turning to draw your wing on at the just the right angle.

After years of practice (and questionable eyeliner looks), I've finally mastered the cat eye and can draw on the subtle cat flick I wear on most days in under three minutes—and on the first try. (A skill worthy of my humblebrag.)

That being said, if you love the bold look of a dramatic wing like Amy Winehouse's signature eye makeup, Adele's more subtle cat flick, or Lily Collins's cool negative space cat eye but don't have as much patience to master the technique as I did, there's a handful of products out there that exist to help you out.

If you Google "how to do a cat eye", hundreds of tutorials and hacks will pop up but many of them are difficult, or involve extra props that sometimes can make a bad eyeliner situation even worse (Scotch Tape anyone?). As an alternative, some brands have give the traditional liquid eyeliner pen a makeover so that they specifically make doing a cat eye easier if you're struggling with it.

And before you write off these liners as gimmicky, I've tried them all and they really work. Keep scrolling for four eyeliners that eliminate (most) of the struggle of drawing on a cat eye.

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