The 20 Most Iconic Cat Eyes of All Time

The 20 Most Iconic Cat Eyes of All Time
Gary Gershoff/WireImage; Silver Screen Collection/Getty; Harry Langdon/Getty

Mastering cat eye liner is like taking the perfect selfie: it takes a few shots until you perfect your angles. In the case of the feline flick, there’s a lot of hand contortionism until you’re able to draw a smooth, winged line. But when that “a-ha” moment finally happens, the classic beauty look will instantly become your signature too. Cat eyes have cemented their timeless appeal thanks to their style and eye-defining range from soft flicks, to precise, glamorous wings. No one knows the power of the cat eye like the stars that have made winged-out liner their go-to look throughout their time in the spotlight. The following iconic cat eyes are 20 reasons to take your liner and wing it.

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