These Are the Most Flattering Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face

These Are the Most Flattering Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face
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In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to do very much to achieve the ideal brow shape. The natural curves of your arches should already adapt to match your face, but because we all had tweezers back in high school, things don't always pan out quite so well. To help determine the way your brows should lie on your face, we asked makeup artist and brow expert Zoey Van Jones to tell us which shapes are most flattering for heart, oval, square, and round faces—but not before she outlined two forms your arches should never be. "The most common error is the tadpole shape, when an individual will tweeze the strays underneath and stop at the front pod, which results in a 'tadpole' appearance," she explains. "Also, if one carves too much arch in the front bridge, they can look unbalanced or angry."

One rule of thumb is to fill in your brows before picking up the tweezers so that you don't go overboard (again), but we recommend leaving any major shaping moves up to the professionals. Better yet, bring a screenshot of the face shape below that's the closest to your own, and ask your technician to mirror the appearance. Keep reading to find your perfect brow match.

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