Expert's Top 10: Serge Normant's Must-Haves for Voluminous, Bombshell Hair

Expert's Top 10: Serge Normant's Must-Haves for Voluminous, Bombshell Hair
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When it comes to the art of sexy bedhead waves, hairstylist extraordinaire Serge Normant has that market cornered. The pro has worked with Julia Roberts for years and was the mastermind behind her gorgeous layers on our September cover, not to mention, he counts Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, and Julianne Moore among many other A-listers on his impressive client roster.

Normant's empire only continues to grow---in addition to his two New York city salons, he has an expansive product line of his own and recently added the Dream Big Instant Volumizing Spray ($25; to the catalog. Eager to try our own hands at his tousled curls, we spoke to Normant to get all the details on creating his signature aesthetic, and to find out a little more about the man behind all the flawless manes we've spotted on the red carpet.

Where are you from?
I'm from France. I was born right outside of Paris, and then I moved to a suburb of Paris when I was 17.

Where are you based?
I've been based in New York since I was 22 years old, though I was back and forth between Paris and New York for a while. I did half and half for years, but I consider New York my home base, and still work between the U.S. and France.

What was your big break in hair styling?
I worked with Steven Meisel for a few Dolce & Gabbana campaigns and on a few covers, and when your name is suddenly mixed with such an iconic name like his, people come to know your work. Then, I worked with Herb Ritts on a cover with Julia Roberts, and that's where my relationship with Julia started---we really complemented each other.

You see so many major celebrities---do you ever get star-struck?
Early on in my career, I worked with an actress in France who was a favorite of both my grandmother and mother, so I was a little star-struck by her at the time! I was mad at myself for getting a little nervous and swore it would never happen again, so it hasn't since then. I always go in with a very open mind, and that's it!

Which beauty rule was made to be broken?
Thinking that you can only be stuck doing one thing, or wearing one kind of look. I grew up in an environment where, once people found their haircut, they stayed with it for a really long time---it was almost like a security blanket. Being daring is important. Even though I say that, women in America tend to be more daring with their hair than most places in the world, so it's great to see people being open to change.

What do you think will be the next big hair trend?
I'm not really someone who works with trends, so I'm not really sure what's next. I love to be surprised and I love to surprise myself, but it's never anything that's planned. Still, I love a looseness and sexiness to the hair---a little sex appeal without being overly-done.

Ready to create perfect bombshell waves of your own? Click through our gallery to shop each of Normant's picks for getting the effect, with pro tips on how to use each product.

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