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Expert's Top 10: Lauren Zeifman on Repairing Summer Skin Damage

Expert's Top 10: Lauren Zeifman on Repairing Summer Skin Damage

Cosmetic Dermatology Practitioner, Lauren Zeifman, PA-C and Founder of Park Avenue Skin Solutions is one of New York’s leading skin experts. We caught up with Zeifman, who offered her expert advice on everything from how to undo skin damage that surfaces from the summer months, to tackling everyday issues women of varying ages deal with-from wrinkles, to hyperpigmentation, to scarring.

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From the invasive to non-invasive, Zeifman provides us with surefire ways of both preventing and fixing signs of aging. She's a stickler for year-round sunscreen use (her favorite  zinc-infused formula works for all skin types) and advocates regular application of hydrating serums and retinoids (the prescription strength and faster-acting counterpart to retinols).  Aside from products and treatments, Lauren suggests  yoga and meditation for their anti-aging and toxin-ridding properties.  Click through the gallery for Zeifman's dermatologist-proven tips for a youthful complexion!

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