Expert's Top 10: Cesar Ramirez's Favorite Products for Curly Hair

Expert's Top 10: Cesar Ramirez's Favorite Products for Curly Hair

When it comes to coveted textured curls, Cesar Ramirez is THE name of the moment. In fact, our beauty director Kahlana Barfield calls those perfect ringlet-meets-beach waves Cesar Curls. He started them on Ciara and now everyone wants in and we don't blame them. We caught up with Ramirez and got the insider dish on his must-haves.

Where are you from?
I was born in Newark, NJ but spent most of my childhood in Puerto Rico. Went to high school and cosmetology school in Belleville, NJ.

Where are you based?
I'm currently based in both NY and LA. My goal was always to be bicoastal.

What was your big break in hair styling?
My client Amanda Silverman from 42West referred me to her client Cassie for a GQ photoshoot. We hit it off so well that I ended up on a world tour with Cassie for 2 years.

You see so many major celebrities – do you ever get star struck?
Yes.... Of course! I've been lucky enough to have met many, many celebrities but it's always exciting to meet talented people you admire.

Which beauty rule was made to be broken?

Age shouldn't determine hair length. As long as it's well maintained and the cut is flattering, so don't think you can't maintain length as you get older.

What's going to be the next big thing in hair trends?
I love trends and being inspired by them but I also believe in individuality. I think the mid-length hair cuts will ride out for a little longer and with natural texture. It's all about embracing natural curl and waves so moving away from the constant relaxing, flat ironing and curling. Think Carrie Bradshaw's curly lob. With Fall fast approaching, we're also going to start seeing bangs but with a new spin. Big, blunt, thick and messy bangs.

Does your strands have some natural texture? Click through the gallery to see Cesar's top 10 products for curly hair!

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