What's the Deal With Dry Face Masks?

What's the Deal With Dry Face Masks?
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It's a sheet mask, but it's dry—now there's a Don Draper pitch if we've ever heard one. Rather than coming soaked in serum, these masks are totally dry to the touch, but are infused with ingredients that activate as soon as they make contact with your skin. "We refer to our dry masques as infusers because they infuse active ingredients into the skin and work to repair from the inside out. Our active ingredient delivery system, Biometric MicroVectors, or BMVs, are made with lipid components similar to the skin's composition," explains Nannette De Gaspe, whose dry infusers pioneered the category. "The instant they make contact with the skin, they merge seamlessly into the structure and begin the prolonged release of active ingredients, which reach deeper as they're absorbed into multiple layers of the skin." It's the humidity and pH of your skin that takes them out of their dormant state—sort of like an animal-shaped sponge in a capsule—and have a longer-lasting impact as the lipids actually repair the damaged cells, rather than simply filling in the empty space.

Just as you would with a traditional sheet mask, start with clean skin. De Gaspe recommends first exfoliating to allow the infuser to really work its magic. Make sure the printed side is facing outward, lay over your skin, then massage your face for a few seconds to help better deliver the active ingredients into your complexion. "They can also be used over makeup to give your skin a boost," she adds. "We have had several people tell us that they have used them in a cab, or on a plane over makeup, and have been happy with the results."

Shop four of our favorite dry masks currently on the market, below.

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