A Paleo Beauty Line Actually Exists

A Paleo Beauty Line Actually Exists

Great news for everyone abiding by that ever-trendy paleo diet: The products you keep in your beauty stash can officially line up with the rest of your lifestyle tastes. The Dirt, an all-natural collection of skin and body care, just might be the first beauty brand ever to claim a totally paleo lineup. All of the products are completely natural, and free of gluten, soy, corn, and grain, meaning they won't break your diet. They also swap out harsh ingredients for effective natural oils. "We're taking natural to the next level," says brand founder Shannon Drake. "Our blends are made using the highest quality natural ingredients, and they are also specifically formulated to work with your body."

The range came to life about three years ago, when Drake noticed that her favorite natural products had some of the processed elements they claimed not to include on their ingredient list, prompting her to research traditional remedies from around the world that incorporate aromatherapy oils, butters, and minerals into the mix.

The Dirt's current lineup includes staples like serums, shaving oils, and lip balms, but also branches out into the dental category with toothpaste, tooth brushing powder, and oil pulling mouthwash, to name a few items. Check out the products below, and head over to givemethedirt.com to shop everything now.

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